A use case of “Wazamae Library” to study for an exam



Most likely case to image for use of “Wazamae Library” is exams for students.

この記事は『ワザマエ文庫の活用例 1 : テスト対策(学生向け)』をベースに、英語ユーザ向けに書いたものです。

This page is written for English users based on Japanese one. You can find the original page at the above link.



This example targets follow users.

  • Middle school students
  • High school students
  • College and university students


  • Add an essence to study with enjoyment.
  • Work out a strategy for study by statistics.

Basic use case

At first, set your subjects or lessons to “Skill name” and set your necessary time for the exam to “Estimated completion time” when you study.

Measurement is continued when your device is in sleep mode, so we recommend to sleep your device for concentration in your study.

After finishing your study, save your measured time and feel growth of yourself by level-up animation.You can also check when you studied and how long you studied at statistics screen.

You use “Wazamae Library” somewhat, let’s refer to “Detailed use case” below.

Detailed use case

Point 1 : Motivating yourself by level-up animation

“Wazamae Library” can add an essence to your study by adopting “Gamification” that is the way of thinking which introduces elements of the game to motivate your activities. EXP, level-up, badges in this app are elements of the game and they assist your study.

For example, when you study hard and get enough EXP, your skill move to the next level like game.

You can feel your growth by above level-up and also compare your level to your friend’s one.

By means of this, you might be motivated to study harder.

Point 2 : Work out a strategy for study

When you use “Wazamae Library” several times, your studying data are available on statistics screen.

By checking these data, you will get feedback to plan next strategy for study. These data are shown in the chart which date range can be changed by range buttons.

You can check study hours on weekdays or on holidays. The average data will be shown also, so you should check this too.

By means of this, you can perceive your daily study hours and take balance of study and other activities.

You can download “Wazamae Library” from Google Play

I introduced a use case of “Wazamae Library”. You can download it from Google Play.



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