“Wazamae Library” will support improvement of your drawing and painting skill



I recommend to use “Wazamae Library” when you draw or paint pictures.

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This example targets follow users.

  • People who practices drawing and painting


  • Practical use of “Challenge mode”
  • Getting feedback from statistics

Basic use case

There are no criteria for the level of drawing and painting so this use case is similar to practice of instrumental. For this reason “Challenge mode” is suitable for this use case more than “Normal mode”.

When you draw or paint pictures, tap “Start” button to measure the time you invested in drawing or painting like a stopwatch.

You can concentrate on your drawing and painting without caring about measuring.

Detailed use case

When you continue to measure in “Challenge mode”, you might feel that the level is less likely to rise. This is because your growth for drawing and painting picture.

For example, when you drawing and painting a picture with some theme or motif for 5 hours, the next time you can draw and paint the same theme picture with less time.

So I recommend to use feedback from statistics. For example, if you practice drawing and painting a picture daily, your time of practice is shown in the statistics screen per recorded date.

Check above recorded time and you can feel growth in every day. By analyzing the factors of faster drawing and painting, you can improve the quality of practice further more. (When you drawing and painting a picture with some theme, you can do without worrying about how to draw and paint.)

If you decided to challenge to introduce some new skill to practice, you can compare them with another day and perceive how affected these new skills to recorded time. You can see data with changing showing range in the statistics screen.

According to Lemov, D, “The speed of getting feedback is very important”, so you should get feedback from statistics on the same day.

Get these feedback and invest them into your practice, you can move to a higher level with high quality practice.


Lemov, D. Woolway, E. Yezzi, K. (2012). Practice Perfect: 42 Rules for Getting Better at Getting Better Jossey-Bass. (依田卓巳訳, “成功する練習の法則 最高の成果を引き出す42のルール”, 日本経済新聞出版社, 2013)

You can download “Wazamae Library” from Google Play

I introduced a use case of “Wazamae Library”. You can download it from Google Play.



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