A useful way of using “Wazamae Library” when you play the instruments



Playing instruments is one of skill. I will show you a use case of “Wazamae Library” for playing instruments.

この記事は『活用例 3 : 楽器の練習時間の記録(楽器練習をする全ての方向け)』をベースに、英語ユーザ向けに書いたものです。

This page is written for English users based on Japanese one. You can find the original page at the above link.



This example targets follow users.

  • People who practices playing instrument


  • Practical use of “Challenge mode”
  • Enjoy collecting badges

Basic use case

The “Instruments” in this article means not only using instruments as instrumental music but also vocal music.

There are no criteria for playing instruments and many people practice continuously. So I recommend to use “challenge mode”.

In challenge mode, not set maximum level. The more you practice, the more level will be improved. If you determine the daily practice hour and set this to level up interval, you can be level-up every day.

Data can be checked on the statistics screen, so they give you feedback.

There are badges that can be acquired in challenge mode, so let’s challenge to acquire them.


I introduced a use case which uses challenge mode above.

In addition, I will introduce some rough indications for practice of piano for example.

According to “Online Piano Coach“, if you are 11 or 12 years old, practice piano for an hour per day. Say you are 15 years old, you should practice piano for 2 hours per day.

These are rough indications, so if you want to acquire higher skill, you should practice piano more long time. I told about the piano as an example, but other instruments will be the same as this.

It is important not only to practice long time, but also practice with quality.

You can download “Wazamae Library” from Google Play

I introduced a use case of “Wazamae Library”. You can download it from Google Play.



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