A use case of “Wazamae Library” to prepare for certification



I will introduce a use case of “Wazamae Library” to prepare for certification. (This looks like prepare for the exam.)

この記事は『活用例 2 : 資格試験に向けた利用(大学生~社会人向け)』をベースに、英語ユーザ向けに書いたものです。

This page is written for English users based on Japanese one. You can find the original page at the above link.



This example targets follow users.

  • People who want to get certified


  • Practical use of some free moments in your daily life

Basic use case

The examination date of certification is often determined, so most people will set a deadline and make a plan to get there in time.

Studying for certification needs to secure the time, so the theme is how to secure that.

If you work, it will be difficult to find time to study. But there are some free moments.

For example, if you get up 30 minutes earlier than usual, you can use that for study. And if you go to work by train, you can read a textbook in there. Thus, these stacked free moments will be a long time.

When you use “Wazamae Library” in these moments, you can perceive how long you studied per day on the statistics screen. (“Wazamae Library” can measure in seconds.) This will help you as feedback to make a plan for studying.

Other case

You might find free moments in your daily life. They will be enough time to study. So the important thing is finding them.

If you use a car to go to work, it is useful to use an audio book instead of a radio. Because you can study about your exam for certification, though you don’t have to open your textbook. Of course, you should drive carefully to avoid an accident.

Some of my friends in Japan, they bring a textbook (or a device to play audio book) to the bathroom and read (or hear) it at bath time. They soak in the bath water every time when they take a bath, and they use the time for their studying. In the case of you don’t use the bath tub, an audio book will help you to study during you take a bath.

You might find more free moments than above examples. Let’s find it and it will drive you to your goal.

You can download “Wazamae Library” from Google Play

I introduced a use case of “Wazamae Library”. You can download it from Google Play.



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